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About Us

The Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club consists of members who are passionate about the Triumph brand of motorcycles, whether they be from the Coventry, Meriden or modern Hinckley era.  We enjoy good companionship, good rides and always welcome the opportunity to meet like minded people.

The club was formed to meet the need of Triumph enthusiasts to have a brand specific club.  Membership requires that you own and ride a Triumph motorcycle.


A copy of our Constitution is available here.

Founding Members

Back Row: Rat, Nutz, Wally, Wayne
Middle Row: Chris, Steve, Mal
Front Row: Ralph, Terry, Les, Poodle
Absent: Nicko, Ian

The Beginning

The Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club (TRMCC) was formed in the beginning of August 2011. A number of the founding members were previously members of the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club (TOMCC), but were dissatisfied with some of the TOMCC policies, in particular the policies that allowed any make of motorcycle into the club as full members, and also the policy that allowed anyone over the age of 15 to join as a full member regardless of whether they had a motorcycle or not.

The offending policies were discussed at some length with TOMCC leadership and members to no avail. Les Oxnam came up with the idea of forming the Triumph Riders MC and discussed it with Terry Williams. It was agreed that the new club should be formed and an initial meeting took place. The two put together a plan to initiate the club and set some ground rules. These rules included conditions of full membership being open only to those who own/ride a Triumph motorcycle, and associate membership being available by invitation to the owners/riders of BEARS (British, European, American) motorcycles.

Contact was made with the Triumph Riders Club in Southern Australia and an affiliation with them was formed. Their constitution was used as a basis for forming our own constitution and we are expecting to host a number of their members when they come over either this year or next.

The club has enjoyed rapid growth and as at March 2012 has 90 members and chapters formed in Wanganui, Manawatu and Wellington, with further areas being close to chapter status. Monthly meetings and rides take place in all chapters and we enjoy good turnouts from very enthusiastic members.

Executive Committee at the AGM

, Taranaki President
Steve B
, Regalia Officer
, Retiring Regalia Officer
, National President
Les, Membership Officer - Website Admin
, National Vice President
, Wanganui President
, Treasurer
, Secretary
, Auckland President
Steve F,
East Coast President (BoP)
Steve M, Wellington President

Dean, Bay of Plenty President