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The Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club of NZ Incorporated (TRMCC) consists of members who are passionate about the Triumph brand of motorcycles, whether they be from the Coventry, Meriden, Harris, or modern Hinckley era.

We enjoy good companionshipgood rides and always welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

The club was formed to meet the need of Triumph enthusiasts to have a brand specific club.  Full membership requires that you own and ride a Triumph motorcycle, but associate membership is open to those who own and ride a BEARs motorcycle.

TRMCC is affiliated with the Triumph Riders Club in South Australia and the Hinckley Triumph Owners Club (HTOC) Internarional.

TRMCC is a brand enthusiast’s club and operates as a registered independent incorporated society in compliance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  TRMCC wishes to make it clear that its rules, policies, expressed views or products are not in any way associated with, or necessarily endorsed, by Triumph Motorcycles Limited (UK) or Triumph Designs Limited (UK).

A copy of our Constitution is available here and our privacy statement is available here

Founding Members

Back Row: Rat, Nutz, Wally, Wayne
Middle Row: Chris, Steve, Ed, Mal
Front Row: Ralph, Terry, Les, Steve
Absent: Nicko, Ian


The Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club of NZ (TRMCC) was formed in August 2011 by a group of founding members who wanted a new club that represented people who aspired more to ride their Triumphs than simply be an enthusiast of the brand.

An initial meeting took place in Bulls, a small town in the North Island of New Zealand where a plan was put together to initiate the club and set some ground rules. A key rule is full membership being open only to those who own and ride a Triumph motorcycle, and associate membership being available by invitation to the owners/riders of BEARS (British, European, and American) motorcycles only. Also, it is only full members of the Triumph Riders MCC, i.e.: the owners & riders of Triumphs, who can vote on rules governing the Club, belong to the National Committee or the National Executive. The club is fully controlled by the Triumph riders club members only.

Contact was made with the Triumph Riders Club in Southern Australia and an affiliation with them was formed. Their constitution was used as a basis for forming our own constitution, but which has been adapted over the years to meet the needs of members. Triumph Riders MCC has enjoyed good growth with chapters in both islands of New Zealand. North Island chapters can be found in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Great Lake Taupo, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay and Wellington. South Island chapters include Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast and Canterbury. Today the Club is also affiliated with the Hinckley Triumph Owners Club, which is a worldwide body.

The Club’s founding chapter was the Wanganui chapter with the Club’s constitution giving recognition and acknowledgement to the original members of the Wanganui Triumph Riders Chapter and their place in the Club’s history.


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